The following are projects that have either been undertaken by Dunesailer in the past or are currently in progess, listed with the most recent projects first.

Resonant Element

Resonant Element uses sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to generate high quality music in a variety of genres endlessly. Its compact, intuitive user interface makes it convenient for playing in the background while you work, or for generating pleasant background music in your home or office.

macOS Version

status: v0.8 In Development v0.7 Released

iOS Version

status: v0.8 In Development v0.7 Released


SongSkill is a music generation framework built in the Swift programming language on top of the MODIPlayer playback framework. SongSkill uses a variety of artificial intelligence algorithms and stochastic models to produce musical output that is convincingly humanlike.

status: Deployed (Closed Source)


MODIPlayer is an engine layer built in the Swift programming language on top of the standard MIDI audio output engine. Inspired by the tracker module (or "MOD") formats of the 1990s-era, it maps sequenced, set-length "note strips" to underlying MIDI channels, and allows an instruction-based musical structure, as well as playback management from client code. This highly-structured format simplifies the process of creating procedural music, and is a fundamental building block for many other Dunesailer projects.

status: Deployed (Closed Source)

Dunesailer Utilities

The Dunesailer Utilities are a group of utility classes in the Swift programming language that are used by nearly all Dunesailer projects. The most notable elements are classes for assisting in the construction of stochastic models, the creation of LRU caches, and hierarchical representation of data.

status: Deployed (Closed Source)