The following are projects that have either been undertaken by Dunesailer in the past or are currently in progess, listed with the most recent projects first.

Resonant Elements

status: Released

Resonant Elements uses an elaborate expert system to generate complex, high-quality music on demand. Musical styles are represented using a "genotype" that allows endless songs to be produced with a similar characteristic sound.

Resonant Elements was created as a direct successor to the earlier Resonant Element project. The code was re-written from scratch, allowing nearly every aspect to be improved.

Lost Rituals

status: Released

Lost Rituals is an endless, procedurally-generated book filled with descriptions of mysterious rituals from a fictional world.

Resonant Element

status: Retired

Resonant Element uses sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to generate high quality music in a variety of genres endlessly. Its compact, intuitive user interface makes it convenient for playing in the background while you work, or for generating pleasant background music in your home or office.